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 In El Salvador, after a great earthquake, a money collection program was carried out through soccer tournaments in Los Angeles, CA.

Bags of food, medicine, and clothes were distributed; in addition,  metal roofs were rebuilt for approximately 500 families. 


Santa Fe. 70% of the city was under water as a result of overflowing rivers. 10 primary schools that were at high risk were attended. The beneficiaries were more than 1,000 students and their families with food, school supplies and shoes, as well as programs and workshops on values, self-esteem and emotional health.


Educational Medical Projects have been carried out in different parts of the world. See the list of countries in the logo.

2004 - Smiles WAS approved as a Non-Profit Organization in the USA.

2006 - Smiles WAS approved as a Non-Profit Organization in Mexico.

  2008 - Smiles WAS approved as a non-profit organization in Peru.

2004 -  First Smiles Camp in Indiana, Amazon.

More than 670 children in their communities were assisted, providing them with medical assistance, food, medicine, clothing, and workshops.

2005 -  The Smile's Camp in the Amazon begAn to be a constant program.

Each year more than 600 children receive medical care, food, medicine, clothing, and workshops in their communities.

- 150 children from Los Ríos Public Schools spend a week at the Smiles Camp where they are allowed to participate in the week of their lives – Smiles summer camp. Educational games, value, and emotional workshops; sports and outdoor activities; teamwork, support in education, motivation for their future.

- More than 40 volunteers from all over the world participate.

2004- Smiles WAS apPRoved as a Non-Profit Organization in the USA.

2006- Smiles WAS approved as a Non-Profit Organization in Mexico.

2008 -  Smiles WAS approved as a non-profit organization in Peru.

2010- Smiles Missionary Program begAn in the Amazon.

An average of 2 full-time missionaries are assigned to local projects.


-First Smiles Project in India. - Work in partnership with Mother Teresa Calcutta Orphanage in Agra, India


Smiles House opens in Tijuana, Mexico, where more than 200 children are attended monthly in their schools. Tutorials, Talks, Sports, Food, Doctors and Psychologists, Christmas Program, School Support. Talks for Professionals. Prevention Workshops for Adolescents.


Smiles Missionary Program begins in Thailand. Today we have a Missionary Family in Mae Sot. Working with refugees and public schools.


The Smiles House opens in El Salvador, where more than 600 children are attended daily in their schools, providing tutoring, talks, sports, food, doctors and psychologists, Christmas programs, school support, in addition, talks for professionals, and prevention workshops for adolescents. Also, classrooms, sports courts were built and desks were repaired and donated for these schools.


First Smiles Project in Thailand.


The victims of the earthquake in Puerto Rico were assisted. Then, the Pandemic arrived and the ambassadors of SMILES took strength to draw smiles.


Se Visitaron Comunidades Indigenas del Pueblo Maya, en el Sur de Mexico. 

Atendimos a  mas de 600 niños y sus padres.


En Colombia Celebramos con 20 Voluntarios la Navidad, Atendimos a niños migrantes venezolanos.

2022. Viaje a 
Oaxaca, Campeche, Amazonas, Colombia

Atendimos a 100 niños en una Escuela Primaria publica en San Pedro Ayutla.


Visitamos a Escuela Primarias Rurales de Campeche y Comunidades.


Se Llevo acabo el Campamento Smiles en Peru, Con 120 niños, mas de 60 personas de Staff.

Recorrimos el Rio Amazonas y Napo con Brigadas Medicas.



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