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For approximately 20 years we have worked to improve the quality of life of children living in areas of extreme poverty. We proposed a plan with the purpose of improving their academic and educational level to be able to solve the well-being of children who live in the most vulnerable communities of different countries. As time passed, we expanded aid to Mexico, El Salvador, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Pakistan, Thailand, and other countries. Mostly, we raise these projects in places where high percentages of educational dropouts are observed.

Due to lack of work, children have to drop out of school in order to help with the household economy. Therefore, this does not allow them to continue with their school studies since they have to go to work to pay for their homes and also cover the basic and necessary needs such as food and clothing. Most of these children work long hours and in high-risk places, for example in mines, volcanoes and lakes.

Our campaign to raise funds, with which we want to help and give hope, has a goal of 5,000 educational kits, which will be distributed in different countries with the aim of strengthening children's education and contributing to the development of their knowledge. This educational kit will be composed of school supplies that will be of useful use so that children can go to classes prepared and without having to worry about working to buy school supplies. At the same way, the educational kit contains the following materials: scissors, bond sheets, glue, notebooks, books, cardboard, pencils, markers, among others.

The campaign date begins on July 1 and ends on July 31. The campaign lasts a full month to distribute all school supplies and provide basic needs to each child. This way, we will be able to achieve our main goal of the campaign in the locations where children of extreme poverty are found.

Geographical Scope:

  1. United States: Houston

  2. México: Reynosa, Jojutla, Culiacán, Obregón, Campeche, Veracruz, Chiapas, San Quintin.

  3. Cuba: Holguin.

  4. Guatemala: Petén.

  5. Honduras: Santa Bárbara.

  1. El Salvador: Ilopango San Salvador, San Salvador, Morazán, La Nahuaterique, Casa Smiles El Zancudo.

  2. Puerto Rico: Ponce.

  3. Costa Rica: Alajuela

  4. Perú: Iquitos

  5. Venezuela: Ciudad Bolívar , Maracaibo,

  6. Bolivia: Cochabamba - Vinto

  7. Chile: Santiago

  8. Argentina: Puerto Iguazú.

  9. Thailand: Mae Sot

The purpose of this project is to provide the children with the kit of supplies so that academic education is promoted and established in the home of these children so that in the future the members of these families can also have access to a better education. The results we want to obtain at the end of the project is to supply school supplies to the children who wish to continue studying and finish their school year.

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