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For the Love of Others

The Purpose of the Service.

God's purpose is that we bear witness to our faith, maintain healthy communion with our brothers, live as disciples of Jesus, and worship the King of kings as an expression of love. But his purpose for our lives also includes that we serve out of love for others.

And those “others” encompass everyone around us: our families first, our brothers in Christ second, and finally all those whom we can reach, bless, and give practical testimony of our love for the Lord.

Let Us Serve Others with Practical Love.

If worship is our expression of love for God, service is our expression of practical love for people.

One definition of "ministry" is meeting needs with love.

If you belong to Jesus Christ and you are in the church, you are his minister, a servant of Jesus. And we are all important, useful and necessary.

You were put on the ground to contribute something. You were not created to be a consumer or to live for yourself, but to make a difference in your life. You were created to edify and bless.

''Whenever you serve and bless others, however you do it, you are serving God" -Mark 9:41

In the kingdom of God you are someone, you have a place, a purpose and a function to fulfill (2 Timothy 1: 9). This gives your life meaning and value.

Whatever your job, study or profession, you are called to serve God.

Your service to God is where you can bless and impact the lives of others (1 Corinthians 12:27). But your service cannot be isolated and alone, but must be in relation to the church, because we are a Body and we need each other.

God used each of them for His service, because each of them gave up their own impediments and paralyzing arguments and allowed themselves to be used by God.

God wants to use you too. Let yourself be used. Give yourself totally to God.

Think about it.

Are you committed to service as an expression of love for your siblings?

If you have not yet been involved in any ministry in your church, what is the reason? What is holding you back?

Is it an internal brake? For example: you do not feel capable, you think you cannot, you are ashamed, you are afraid, you are not qualified for what needs to be done, etc.

On an external brake? For example: you are not given opportunities, you had a bad experience in a previous ministry, you are not considered, etc.

Be it internal or external, what decisions have you made to reverse reality?

God calls you to serve, bless and edify others (and you don't need to lock yourself up in church to do this), therefore overcome difficulties and empower your life with the abilities and gifts that God has given you to mark a difference!

Written by Edgardo Tosoni

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