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Project: Back to Class

The objective of team Smiles is to distribute 3,000 backpacks with all the necessary supplies for school, drawing 3,000 smiles in 10 countries in Latin-America.

Back to class, is a yearly project during the month of August. This project consists in the delivery of backpacks full of everything they need, easing the students into the new school year. Including great variety of school supplies, hand sanitizers, masks, gloves and hats for the colder weather, and every other necessary item.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” -Pablo Picasso

The day of delivery a special program is held, lasting within 60-90 minutes; in which the children play, sing and learn the importance of going to school and obtaining an education.

At the same time

The parents and members of the community receive basic medical help, medicine and even a food basket for the family. By conducting an awareness talk it is imperative we communicate the possibility of implicating the parents and community leaders that they will be the agents of change most influential within the students. During this time, with the help of professionals, we can offer solutions for challenges emotional, financial and spiritual within each family.

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