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Smiles International Festival

Once a year, through a virtual form. Smiles presents an educative program, full of activities and songs for all the children who are a part of our projects.

With the help of our ambassadors, the children who participate in Smiles' local and annual activities, are gathered in a community center, school or town square to participate in Smiles Festival which is offered virtually.

Drawing Smiles

"Family is the compass that guides our path, the inspiration to climb even the tallest mountain, and the greatest comfort when something goes wrong."

This yearly event is done during the month of November, its purpose is to offer a virtual program with values for life through songs, clowns, stories and art.

We are a great family

We wish to project the idea that we are not alone on the road of life. To show that in other parts of the world, the same as us. There is people who go through the same struggles, but we understand that if we fight together and help each other out, we can live above the circumstances.

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