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The Same Feeling, The Same Purpose

The trip to Campeche is something that without a doubt I will always remember with such joy and love because it was a trip with a purpose, because that week I learned many things, I reflected a lot, I met new and incredible people, let's say I found a new family with a huge, beautiful and kind heart, I met new places and we drew smiles to wonderful children with so much desire to learn, get ahead, play, so full of life.

And to whoever is reading this article, I ask you please if there is a child around you that you can help, do so without hesitation, they all need something because they also go through situations that sometimes one does not realize because we are living in this busy adult world.

I'm sure that you also have some memories of a child, be it good or bad because at that age everything is engraved on you, so instill in them love, support, trust, hug them, let them know that they can achieve their dreams no matter how they are physically and regardless of where they come from or the situation in which they live; let them know that they are special, you can be the impulse of them. And remember that at some point you were a child and if you had a wish and forgot it due to life situations, I encourage you to take it up again and do not give up, because it is something that I also learned on this trip, that I never it's too late to continue dreaming.

Thanks to the Smiles Foundation we were able to reach more than 500 children, this time 10 communities were visited where only two had primary schools, the rest of the communities had up to two hours of school left, so due to the distance and lack of resources they Parents prefer not to send them to school and sadly that is where we can see illiteracy, lack of vision and children's development. The gifts that were given to each child included: clothes, toys, personal hygiene and school supplies.

But there is still much to do, more than the material remember to always sow love .

I always wanted to go to a camp in the summer, but this trip exceeded that term as this was a mission in the summer where I can say that I learned a lot and I really fall short of saying this.

I will always remember those happy smiling faces, screaming with excitement.

To sum up, I can say that going to Campeche with Smiles was:

The same team, the same feeling, the same purpose. More than 500 gifts, more than 500 smiles drawn. Moments for a lifetime and a new family.

Written by Frida, Smiles Volunteer, Campeche-México 2021.

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