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Transforming Lives

Sharing issues as important as happiness with children, youth and adults is important for the growth of human beings. Living the Smiles Experience as a volunteer is something that has motivated me and has improved my life, listening to children's concerns and fantasies has made me assimilate that you never stop being a child, but also that you have to take things responsibly and happiness to continue growing.

Those 5 days that we spent as volunteers have been extremely impressive, they have filled me with happiness and motivation to fulfill one of my goals, which is to help other people, from children to adults, in any way possible.

The fact of changing, even one day in their life can change their whole life, that is why I loved it and I look forward to experiencing it again.

Written by César Andrés Núñez Zapata, Smiles Volunteer, Campeche-Mexico 2021.

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