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Children who participate with SMILES will be able to learn and remember the purpose of  their lives.....


Gustavo Squarzon.

"Sometimes we think that what we do

is just a drop in the sea,

but the sea would be less

if that drop was missing".

(MotherTeresa of Calcutta)


When we read statistics like the one just released by UNICEF * where we are confronted with the reality of today's world, we are tempted to believe that what we do does not make a difference. What a difference a group of volunteers lost in the middle of jungles can make, whether they are made of trees or cement, trying to draw a smile on the face of any child who crosses their path.

statistically? Possibly a drop in the ocean. Humanly, without a doubt, he has painted the future of that child with colors of hope.

That is SMILES, a drop in the sea that makes a difference in the depths of a child's heart, one among millions of volunteers who take the time to touch lives and make a difference.

Loaded with gifts, toys, medicines, and school supplies, their hands full of joy, hope, and new opportunities… with faces of acceptance and love, looking at people with the desire to do them good and to allow them to start over.

Because we are sure that every craft, every soccer game played, every book read and every vaccine provided has a much deeper impact than we can see.

Because it is not toys, gifts, medicines, and food that, although important and necessary, we know that the essential thing is that Jesus is behind each one of us, transforming each act of love that we perform, into an act with the flavor of eternity. And when the toys wear out, the game's end, and the food runs out... a smile will remain in that child's memory. And it will be… like a drop in the sea.

Gustavo Squarzon,  Founder

* UNICEF.  There are 121 million children in the world who do not have access to education. 65 million are girls.

For cultural reasons, work, or social demands, they lose the right to have a better life for means of education

and all that it offers.

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