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I am pleased to share my thoughts about the trip to Campeche with Smiles Foundation. It was undoubtedly a great experience where I found the opportunity to share ideas, learning, and making new friends with the other volunteers.

For me, and I'm sure for everyone, doing this kind of activities like the ones done with Fundación Smiles, it fills your heart to keep walking towards the right path. We were able to reach many places in Campeche bringing happiness to the children, to spent a moment of enjoyment and learning that they will value with great affection; I have had the opportunity to talk with some children from the communities visited after the trip and they still remember it with great joy.

My perspective before the activities was always good, Smiles Foundation is a great working group and I would certainly repeat the unforgettable experience with them.

Written by Braulio Nuñez Peralta, Smiles Volunteer, Campeche-Mexico 2021.

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